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Plant Proteins

Unleash the power

Here’s a quick guide to three favourite protein-rich products. Versatile, hearty and delicious this trio packs more than enough punch.

The big three


Tempeh is a traditional plant-based protein that’s been a staple in many Southeast Asian dishes for hundreds of years. It’s made with fermented soy beans squeezed into blocks that can be sliced, diced, grated or blitzed. It has a deep, nutty, umami flavour, but will absorb other flavours readily. Its firm, chewy texture means it can be cooked in a variety of ways including pan frying, deep frying, baking or stewing.


Seitan is a very high protein product made from wheat gluten and originates from Indonesia. A great alternative to soy based meat substitutes, chewy and fibrous, it has a mild meaty flavour. Available pre-flavoured or plain to add your own flavours.


Tofu has been an integral part of the Japanese diet for thousands of years. It’s essentially a simple curd made of soy beans, water, nigari (a sea vegetable which acts as a coagulant) and a dash of salt. Once the water is squeezed out it becomes a solid block. Tofu has a mild almost inert flavour which means it can be used in savoury or sweet dishes. We also supply pre-flavoured Tofu and silken Tofu too.

Brands that pack some protein